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The firm

ELSI Avocats was created thanks to the complementary experience and know-how of its founders, in order to offer its clients in the human and veterinary health industries comprehensive, multidisciplinary and tailor-made support.

Founded by Aude VIDAL and Julie VASSEUR, ELSI Avocats is a Life Sciences firm dedicated to the human and veterinary health industries (pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of medical devices and in vitro diagnostics, cosmetics, foodstuffs and food supplements, raw materials, distributors, medical biology laboratories, pharmacies, pharmacists' groups and health professionals), covering all health product sectors.

The firm has recognised expertise in both advice and litigation throughout the product life cycle (clinical trials, early access, marketing, promotion, health policy, anti-counterfeiting and transparency, product liability).

Through its experience, ELSI Avocats has developed a solid reputation in crisis and reputational risk management.


Support to national and European health authorities

Capitalising on Aude's experience of more than 10 years within a health authority, ELSI brings a practical and pragmatic approach in assisting its clients with national and European health authorities (ANSM, HAS, Ministries, DGCCRF, CHMP, CMDh and others).
The firm also provides special assistance in the follow-up and administrative consequences of inspections and financial sanction procedures.

Managing commercial disputes and product liability

Julie's wealth of national and international experience in the industry and in a French life sciences practice gives ELSI significant expertise in product liability cases (medicines, vaccines, medical devices) and commercial litigation (e.g. free riding, disparagement, deceptive trade practices, advertising violations).
The firm also provides strategic advice in these areas.

Turnkey packages: Consultancy subscription & subcontracting

ELSI's desire to simplify the consulting process and the activity of its clients has led it to set up consulting packages and a subcontracting offer dedicated to anti-gift and transparency activities.

Marketing and distribution strategy are at the heart of ELSI's expertise

Combining their views and practices, Aude & Julie provide a strategic and complementary analysis of all issues relating to market access and distribution of health products.

Their desire to adopt an exhaustive, but always pragmatic, approach enables them to be anchored in the sectoral practice of their clients, which is essential for a successful analysis of the problems encountered.

A firm rooted in international and shared expertise

In order to offer a complete expertise to its customers, ELSI relies on its network of European and international colleagues but also on its partners and national technical and regulatory experts.

The Partners


Founding Partner

With several years of experience at Intuity and international pharmaceutical companies, Julie has developed a transversal expertise in the human and animal health sector. She assists her French and international clients (manufacturers, learned societies, health sector associations and other operators) in their regulatory and commercial positioning strategy, as well as in the initiation and follow-up of their legal or administrative disputes.

Julie has developed significant know-how in product liability cases (medicines, vaccines, medical devices), in commercial disputes (parasitism, denigration, misleading commercial practices, violation of advertising rules, etc.), and in appeals against decisions of health authorities. Julie is also a member of the Comité de Protection des Personnes (CPP) Ile-de-France IV, of the Hôpital Saint-Louis, and intervenes on all questions relating to the regulation of clinical trials.


Founding Partner

Aude has 10 years of regulatory experience in the pharmaceutical department and the legal and regulatory affairs department of the ANSM. In charge of national and European issues relating to early access and the whole post-authorisation process (vigilance, advertising, information, stock-outs), Aude has developed a leading-edge expertise on all health products (medicines, medical devices, cosmetics, products derived from the human body) and pharmaceutical establishments.

In recent years, she has also contributed to the elaboration and implementation of financial penalties pronounced by the ANSM. In this capacity, she teaches health police within the Master's degree in health industry law at the University of Paris. Before creating ELSI, Aude joined the Life Sciences team of Intuity in 2019 alongside Julie Vasseur. She was involved in all issues of market access, administrative appeals and specialised in pharmacy law.

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