Pharmacy / Pharmacy law

A particularly regulated activity, the pharmacy covers multiple facets, prey to important economic, commercial and public health issues facing pharmacy owners. Pharmacy law is at the heart of these issues.


With their expertise in the pharmaceutical sector in its entirety, their understanding of regulatory constraints and their recognised practice in business and distributionlaw, ELSI's lawyers provide a complete range of advice and support to pharmacy owners or future owners who are about to set up a business, for the management of their pharmacy as well as to pharmacy groups.

From the terms ofsetting up a business (choice of practice structure, transfer of shares, purchase, etc.) to questions of transfer, grouping, negotiation of commercial contracts, employment law, the sale of a pharmacy and the ever-changing issues of dispensing and delivery of health products (sale and delivery of health products, etc.), ELSI's lawyers are able to provide advice and support.), transfer and grouping issues, negotiation of commercial contracts, social law, sale of the pharmacy, as well as the constantly evolving issues of dispensing and delivery of health products (online sales, vaccinations, TROD, etc.), ELSI will assist you at every stage of your activity.

Thanks to its particular expertise in administrative law applied to the pharmaceutical sector, ELSI is also involved in transfer issues, as well as in all dealings with the health authorities, social security and professional bodies, both as advisors and in litigation.

Compedials, Our main areas of intervention

Business law
  • Advice and support in the choice of your practice methods and the choice of the legal structure for your pharmacy as well as for its development
  • Creation, transfer and consolidation of pharmacies
  • Commercial lease: advice and drafting
  • Transfer of a pharmacy
  • Advice & assistance in drafting your professional contracts
Litigation & liability
  • Pre-litigation and litigation support for disciplinary and ordinal proceedings (disciplinary chambers of first instance and national chamber).
  • Litigation before the Social Insurance Section.
  • Tariff disputes, procedures for repetition of undue payments, procedures for financial sanctions
  • Pre-litigation and litigation support for commercial procedures
  • Pre-litigation and litigation support for social procedures (labour litigation)
  • Support in the digitalisation of your activities (online sales site, development of m-health applications, advertising for pharmacies, etc.)
  • Legal and regulatory framework of e-commerce, developing your online sales site
  • Commercial practice: negotiating the essential clauses of your contracts
Health data
  • Identification of personal data
  • GDPR compliance
  • Personal data policy
  • Securing contracts
  • Support for digital projects
Labour law
  • Employment contracts
  • Rules of procedure
  • Dismissal procedure
  • Collective bargaining (CSE...)

The pharmacy, a unique economic activity

As a highly regulated economic activity subject to specific regulatory constraints linked to the very nature of its activity, the pharmacy lies at the crossroads of business and regulatory law.

From the first installation, which involves setting up a practice structure and dealing with the competent authorities, to the takeover of a pharmacy, the management of the structure involves compliance with the regulatory framework for practice, but also adapting to developments and changes, such as the transfer of a pharmacy, the grouping of pharmacies and legal changes (sale of shares, change of legal form, sale of a pharmacy and sale of business assets).

It is also an economic entity whose owner must manage staff, suppliers, URSSAF controls, price controls (DGCCRF) and social security and may need to call on the services of a lawyer specialising in pharmacy law.

The development of digital and e-health also affects pharmacies, which are tending to adopt and offer their patients m-health solutions and mobile applications, as well as developing the online sale of medicines and health products and services. The protection of personal and healthdata, the regulatory framework for the promotion of health products, security and interoperability issues, and negotiations with service providers are all issues that pharmacy owners can face with the support of a specialised lawyer.

This is why ELSI supports its clients, pharmacies and groups, in business law, company law, labour law, commercial law and tax law in their regulatory context, in order to provide them with a comprehensive service adapted to their activity.

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